Nice to meet you, I’m Mona Jiang.

Though I was born in China, I have been captivated by English stories since childhood- the strong-minded Jane Eyre and her romance with Mr. Rochester, the godly Henry IV and the jealous Richard III in Shakespeares plays, the homeless Liz Murray who eventually entered the Harvard University by her own efforts, and Francesco Marconi’s insightful views on how artifical intelligence would affect media industry.

These stories norished my minds, shaped my character, and enabled me to live vicariously through the narrations. Hence, I understand how much writings mean for story-lovers like me.

Having graduated from the journalism MA program of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I decided that I will keep writing stories even though journalism is faced with an unprecedented crisis with the crumbling of its traditional business model and the challenges posed by ChatGPT.

I will continue to share my thoughts, readings, and writings at this storyland. Hopefully, they may bring you happiness and inspirations.

Please stay tuned, more stories to come~